THE DARKNESS: posten neues Musikvideo!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 10.01.2020 um 03:31 Uhr

Die britischen Rocker THE DARKNESS haben ein Musikvideo zu ihrer neuen Single "In Another Life" veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt aus dem von der Kritik gefeierten britischen Top 10 Album "Easter Is Cancelled", das über Cooking Vinyl erhältlich ist.

Clancy sagte: "It was so much fun saving Justin from the fiery gates of hell. I'm a big fan of THE DARKNESS and I'm so happy they asked me to be involved. The guys made the video shoot so easy and we had so much fun on set. It looks amazing, and playing an angel was a heavenly way to spend the day."

Justin sagte: "These days music videos are too often an afterthought when structuring an album campaign... 'walk towards the camera looking mean... ooh, jump off that... Make it look like that thing is going up your bum,' the director suggests, and like spaniels we obediently do so, at the expense of dignity and self respect. The results are invariably rubbish."