JINJER: posten ein Musikvideo zum Song "Noah"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 14.05.2020 um 04:50 Uhr

Die ukrainischen Modernen Metal Vorreiter JINJER haben ihr aktuelles Album "Macro" am 25. Oktober 2019 über Napalm Records veröffentlicht und jetzt hier ein Musikvideo zum Song "Noah" gestreamt!

Bbassist Eugene Abdukhanov sagte: "Tatiana [Shmaylyuk, vocals] wrote 'Noah' from the point of view of what if he did not succeed in perpetuating Life on Earth? Looks like we might find out sooner than we think!

"Times are scarier, tougher and stranger than ever. Our/your livelihood and everything we know and cherish are on the verge being swept away by a storm like nothing we've faced before.

"Will we have our own modern-day Ark? Will we manage to jump on board in time or has it already set sail? What will be left over after it's all said and done? These questions are torturing all of us right now and the future is disturbingly uncertain. But we will survive and will get through this, like we did during so many dark times before. Together. Strong and revitalized with a much better understanding of what we are."