BLACK FATE: streamen ein Musikvideo zum Song zum Song "Maze"!

Text: Dark Lord
Veröffentlicht am 29.10.2020 um 16:20 Uhr

Die progressive Power Metal Band BLACK FATE teilt das brandneue Video zum Song "Maze", die dritte Single ihres neuen Albums "Ithaca", das jetzt über ROCKSHOTS RECORDS überall erhältlich ist!

Die Band sagte: ""Μaze" is one of the most representing tracks for "Ithaca" and Black Fate in 2020. It has one of our favorite guitar riffs and one of the most catchy choruses in the album. The middle section shows our atmospheric and progressive side. With haunting melodies and vocals , delicate keyboards and a technical yet very melodic solo, Maze is one of our favorite songs in "Ithaca""

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