FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS: begrüßen den 11. Gast!

Text: FiniMiez
Veröffentlicht am 11.02.2021 um 19:00 Uhr

Die dänischen Psychedelic / Bluesrocker FREDDY AND THE PHANTOMS haben das Lyric-Video zu „The 11th Guest“ vom aktuellen Album „A Universe From Nothing“, das am 24. April 2020 via Migthy Music erschienen ist, veröffentlicht.

Freddy kommentiert den Song:

““The 11th Guest” is a fantasy of some kind of entity - out if this world - dwelling over humanity. He could be a harbinger of death or creation, or a sign of the times we're all living in.  The song was written pre-corona, and it's easy to read the covid crisis into the theme, but it can also be interpreted as a warning of future AI, technology or simply as a religious omen."


01. First Blood Universe
02. River Of Hate
03. Lilith's Nightmare
04. Bermuda Blues
05. Andromeda
06. Andromeda [pt. 2]
07. Loners On The Run
08. The 11th Guest
09. Hunger
10. Freedom Is A Prison
11. Inferno


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