EVILIZERS - neues Album "Solar Quake"

Veröffentlicht am 14.02.2021 um 08:06 Uhr

Die norditalienischen Heavy-Metaler EVILIZERS releasen ihre zweites Studio Album "Solar Quake" welches am 26. März 2021 via Punishment 18 Records erscheinen wird.

Das Album enthält 11 Tracks und wurde aufgenommen und zusammengebastelt von Davide Penna im Audiorizon Studio. Das Cover-Titelbild wurde von Mattia Nidini (SABOTAGE, MANILLA ROAD, PITFUL REIGN, FROZEN TEARS) beigesteuert. Die grafische Arbeit wurde von Valeria Aina und die Photos von Dario De Marco eingearbeitet.

Die Band kommentierte dies mit Hinblick auf ihre Entwicklung vom ersten Album "Center Of The Grave" bis heute folgendermaßen:"Our debut 'Center Of The Grave' was a musical projection of the historical bands which influenced us, crafted using current sounds and dynamics. We created the songs one by one: a Judas Priest song, for example, an Iron Maiden song, a Black Sabbath song, and so on, and then we forged them according to our artistic vein, our technical background, and themes about the life and the world of today. So we got songs that represent us in the best possible way. In this follow-up entitled 'Solar Quake' there is definitely a progressive growth of our creative skills. And as we didn't want just to make a copy of the previous album, we decided to give a unique imprint to the songs, finding our own way of playing heavy metal. The experience of the last tour helped us a lot, so the album is full of songs which can work well live. The message of our lyrics is very important as well, and fans can identify with it, such as finding the right attitude to face the difficulties which every day brings. We think that the power of classic heavy metal, combined with a modern sound and an artistic evolution which does not distort the stylistic essence of the band, will surely make the listener headbanging like a mad".

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