WHITE VOID - new Single "The Shovel And The Cross"

Veröffentlicht am 26.02.2021 um 16:58 Uhr

WHITE VOID neues Album "Anti" wird am 12. März 2021 erscheinen. "The Shovel And The Cross" ist die erste Singleauskopplung.

Front man Lars Nedland comments on the song:
"Facing the absurd is overwhelming. Sometimes you just feel like digging your own grave. After all, we are here against our will! This song is about the darkness we face while trying to figure out what the hell we're supposed to be doing here. The video goes suitably with that theme as it shows my face quite literally falling to pieces. You know, normal, Norwegian stuff. It's dark here. We try to entertain ourselves. Want to see me lose face? This is your chance!"

WERBUNG: Icon Of Sin