DEVIANT PROCESS - streamen Album "Nurture"

Veröffentlicht am 13.10.2021 um 06:00 Uhr

Die Tech-Death-Metal-Shooting-Stars von DEVIANT PROCESS streamen jetzt - vor dem Veröffentlichungsdatum - ihr brandneues "Nurture" in voller Länge. Das Album soll am 15. Oktober 2021 weltweit veröffentlicht werden, kann aber jetzt vollständig über Metal Injection als Teil ihrer Tech Death Tuesday-Serie angehört werden!

DEVIANT PROCESS kommentierte den Stream "We're really happy to see this record hit the internet after having worked on it for over 5 years now. We hope people feel the journey we've been through and appreciate all the emotions we spilled into this album. We're eternally grateful for the trust Season Of Mist has put in us and for Metal Injection for having promoted our music since the release of 'Paroxysm.'"

1. In Worship, In Blood (07:32)
2. Emergence (05:20)
3. Asynchronous (05:42)
4. The Hammer Of Dogma (05:50)
5. Syrtis Magna (05:57)
6. Homo Homini Deus (04:37)
7. The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite (07:49)
8. Cybervoid (Obliveon cover) (03:56)
Total playing time: 46:43

Jean-Daniel Villeneuve: guitars, vocals
Stéphane Simard: guitars, backing vocals
Philippe Cimon: bass
Michel Bélanger: drums